Who we are

We are nature lovers and trying to present remarkable and nature-friendly places to mind relaxation and enjoy life with memorable marks. According to our vision, we choose a meaningful name and sign for our delivery.

Our Vision

Our vision is to guide for the right trail to make a green traveler by giving a magnificent nature-friendly atmosphere with remarkable experiences to our nature lovers and travelers.

Our Mission

  Guide to seek a better vision with TRAILOKA.

DESTINATION – We find and select the right destinations for users

ACTIVITIES – We categorize and prepare for activities with the right guidance

BLOG – We suggest the top of best time, route, tips, and best destinations for a comfortable journey

GREEN EYE – We look at the world through Green Eye and try to make a Green Traveler


One name Two means

Simple mean

Trail Oka” means “Right Way.” We suggest a correct and safe way for all travelers to make a comfortable journey. 

Advance mean

This is one of the philosophies of Lord Buddha. “TRAI” means Three, and “LOKA” means World. Our Lord Buddha understood the “Three Worlds” (Animal World, Space World, and Feel World). The existence of the world depends on these particular three worlds. All animals are engulfed with these three worlds if they are knowing or unknowing.


01 Animal World (Kama Loka, Sathwa Loka)

All alive group of animals that live in lust belongs to Kama Loka. Manushya(human beings), Divya(Gods), and Brahma Loka include in this category.

02 Space World (Rupa Loka /Awakasha Loka)

All physical things are included in this world. As an example Land, Mountains, Trees, buildings, and vehicles.

03 Feel World (Arupa Loka / Sanskara Loka)

This world belongs to Kama and Rupa World’s scene and feeling. For example happiness, anger, taste. 

If a man (Animal World)  see a Car  (Space World), his mind makes consent (Feel World) about that car.

So as a human we should try always to think and do good things according to these three world because good works always have a good return.

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Awarded by Twinkl, New Zealand


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