Best Things To Do In Marshall, Texas (Tx)

Things To Do In Marshall

Marshall is a great destination if you are a traveler who is like, at the edge of your seat when it comes to the historical atmosphere. If you are planning your next vacation to this first city of Texas, you might be searching around for things to do in Marshall. Belove me, you will never be bored in this cultural land and will obviously be with some mesmerizing memories at the end of your journey!

Athens of Texas, or the city of seven flags, is a 55km long way city and was very much popular around the 1920s as it was where the famous boogie-woogie music originated. Out of all these milestones, it is a tourist attraction as of its ever-rocking light festival, the wonderland of light that starts in winter. This colorful city in south-central America presents many activities and places that will boost your relaxing vacations. 

Best Things to do in Marshall, Texas

Marshall in Texas is a city full of everyday wonders for a visitor. It presents various outdoor activities, festivals, museums, art galleries, and buildings with a high architectural value. Here by we will be describing those to make it easier for you to plan the holiday you are yearning to spend in the gateway of Texas.

Wonderland of Lights in Marshall, Texas

Athens of Texas becomes as pretty as a picture during its lighting festival that starts in the latter part of November and continues in the whole month of December, bringing an elegant color to Christmas. The history of the festival dates back to 1987. 

There is a Santa village in this white-lighted area, and if you are traveling with your children, they will have a comfortable talk time with Santa in the village while enjoying a ride on the merry-go-round. This Herschell carrousel dates back to 1948 and has been repaired, protecting its historical identity. You can step into a tiny house and enjoy the arranged activities while listening to the show of the village’s musicians. 

Further, there are particular functions every week, and this is the best chance for a visitor to combine with the locals and receive the culture.

Does Marshall, TX have an ice-skating Rink?

Slipping on the ice with your ice skates on is both fun and calory-burning outdoor activity. When you are into the game, you will never leave the grounds of skating if it is the perfect rink.

Marshall, in a way, takes care even of the health of the visitors by adding an ice-skating rink made up of real ice to its festive grounds. Therefore, it stands apart from plastic-used skating rinks. 

Caddo Lake State Park

Picture credit Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This treasure of Marshall, Texas, has been spread over 25000 acres and has become significant as presenting the one and only natural lake in Texas. The Caddo Lake is home to 71 species of fish. You can catch the most iconic picture of the old giants- the cypress trees if you have a boat ride around the lake in the spring. The park is entitled with excitement making exploring a family adventure! 

Fishing is allowed here, and you do not need a license to fish at the park. The area is a popular camping site and a hiking destination and also ideally matches with a picnic evening. You can also purchase cabins to stay in and enjoy the breeze.

Are there alligators at Caddo National State Park?

The lake and the suburbs are a living for the alligators too. You must follow safety precautions by the park administration when enjoying a ride around. It would be better if you study safety precautions before you paddle. 

Is it safe to swim in Caddo lake?

Do not ever try to swim in Caddo lake, the place with wild beauty at its best because it presents alligators who have made a dwelling in and on the lake side of Caddo. It is not a place to enjoy a swim. But you can always enjoy a boat ride done on safety rules and measures.

Michelson Museum of art Marshall, Tx

The main gallery, which contains nearly 1000 masterpieces of Leo Michelson, who was a Latvian- American artist, is situated in Marshall, Texas. He is one of the pioneers of various styles and illustrations and was a well-recognized artist in the early 20th century. The place is a heaven for an artist or a student in the field to study various artists over the world together with the work of Michelson. 

Picture credit

Memorial City Hall Performance Center Marshall Texas

You can enjoy a stage performance or a musical in this memorial city hall if you are visiting Marshall somewhere during the month of October to April. The city hall, with 550 seats, is not only a stage for performance art but also a monument in the blooming ages of the city. It was built in 1907 to operate as the city hall of Marshall. It was named Marshall city hall at the beginning, but later in order to honor the soldiers who died in the world wars, it was renamed memorial city hall in 1927.

Farmers market 

This is a must-visit place on your trip if you want to grab a freshly harvested bucket of fruits or vegetables. The place is also a bridge to communicate with the locals.

Fall festival in Marshall

With the aim of bringing the community together, Marshall organizes an annual fall festival where they are used to doing face paintings, outdoor games for children, live performing arts, and hayrides and this free event will be a pleasing family experience with the locals. 


If you are fed up with the sophisticated city life, Marshall in Texas will make a great escape for you. The city is full of historical buildings with ancient architecture. A visitor can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities on the species grounds of Marshall and enjoy an annual event in the country. 

We have given a brief guide on the things to do in Marshall in this paragraph, hoping that it will help you plan your next vacation in Marshall! 

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