Can You Get Married in Vatican? [Permission, Places & Cost]

The sacred city, the Vatican, is the heart of Catholicism. So, who does not like to give marriage vows to his/her partner at the altar of St. Peter’s? You may also have that dream. But can you get married in the Vatican? Is it possible? Yes, you can! If you are willing to follow the particular procedure of the Vatican Marriage Office, you will be able to have your dream marriage at the Vatican. Today, we will discuss all the details about this topic throughout this article. There are some important factors that you should be aware of before planning the wedding. So, make sure to keep reading until the end.

Can you Get Married in Vatican?

Your dream will no longer be a dream! Yes, you can get married in the holy city of Catholicism, the Vatican! However, there is a standard process for marriages that are governed by the Vatican Marriage Office. Your request will be reviewed by them, and if you have fulfilled all the requirements, your application will be accepted.

Let’s talk about those requirements one by one. It is not necessary to be catholic to marry in the Vatican; you have to follow catholic protocol for marriage. You have to submit your application in advance to the Vatican Marriage Office 6 to 9 months before your wedding day. You can select three days for the marriage as you wish, then the office considers the availability and gives you a date from those three days. Now let’s talk about the venue and time.

Chapel of the Choir, which is a side chapel of St. Peter’s, will be dedicated to your marriage, and your wedding will be held at 10. 30 am. But Wednesday, Sunday, and all other holidays are free from weddings in the Vatican. And when it comes to the dress code, there are some strict rules. Because the bride cannot reveal her shoulders, upper arms, back, and knees, and also guests should follow this rule in clothing. And only 15 to 20 guests are allowed to participate in the wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony, the bride and groom can go out for photo shooting while the guest can go from the chapel to the reception hall for the rest of the function.

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How to Set Up a Wedding at Vatican? 

The following basic procedure is the one you should adhere to if you wish to get married in the Vatican. However, since there is a particular way with some strict rules to organize a wedding in the Vatican, it is recommended to get the service from a professional wedding planner who has experience planning weddings in the Vatican at the beginning of the application itself.

First, you have to send your request 6 to 9 months ago of your wedding day to the Vatican Marriage Office. You should mention three possible days in the request. And meet your church pastor and inform him of your idea and get advice regarding diocesan and wedding requirements. Then, if your request is approved, you should pay a deposit payment of 200 euros to the administration.

The remaining balance of 1000 euros should be paid three months prior to the wedding. Next, you can prepare your dress, then remember that the dress should be prepared for the couple and guests as per the requirements mentioned in the previous section.

Next, you can invite 15 to 20 closest family members and friends to your ceremony; then, you should inform them of the venue, time, and also dress code. Photography is allowed in the chapel, so book the service as you wish. Finally, you will want a vehicle to leave the chapel; make that arrangement as well.

Can you Get Married by the Pope?

Everyone wishes to get a blessing from the pope, so if you are getting married in the Vatican, can the marriage be done by the pope? Indeed, you cannot directly get married by the pope. But luckily, catholic newlyweds are allowed to meet the pope and get blessed through the tradition in Italy called ‘Sposi Novelli.’Although it is a custom in Italy, any catholic couple can meet the pope.

Then, the pope will bless you two in person. You have to visit the Vatican on a Wednesday when the General Audiences are concluded within two months after the wedding day. And to participate in Sposi Novelli, you should book tickets, then you will pick them up at the office of the Vatican when you arrive there.

Never miss your wedding dress because it is a requirement of this tradition; if your dress is out of the Vatican rules, you can carry another disciplined dress. At the occasion, the pope might even speak a word with you apart from blessing.

How Much Does It Cost to have your Wedding at the Vatican?

Basically, you have to pay 1200 euros to the administration of the Vatican marriage office. You can pay it within two times before the wedding day. Apart from that, you can donate some money to the cathedral. The amount of donation is totally up to you. The cost of other things, such as dress, photography, decoration, and vehicle, vary depending on a budget of the couple.

Can you Rent the Sistine Chapel?

The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican is the pope’s official residence, and it is world-famous due to its incredible historical art. Usually, the authority of the Vatican does not rent the Sistine chapel because all the art inside the chapel is preserved. But there were some incidents that it was rented for special occasions such as concerts and charity programs under the special permission of the authority. However, you are unable to rent the Sistine chapel for a wedding ceremony.

What are the Best Wedding Sites in Vatican?

After the wedding ceremony in the cathedral, you will find a gorgeous place for photos and have a reception. So, here are some of our suggestions.

  1. Palace Near Piazza Navona – This is a historical but elegant place for both the photo shoot and reception.
  2. Baroque Palace, Rome – This reception will give your wedding a royal vibe.
  3. Castle Sant’Angelo – This majestic castle will provide you with the best background for the photo shoot.
  4. Villa of Prince Giovanelli Fogaccia – Natural surrounding and charming buildings are stunning for photos.

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