Best Things to do in Hobbiton Tours & Matamata, New Zealand

If you’re under 30 years old, the first time you heard about New Zealand was probably through the Lord of the Rings franchise, thanks to all the amazing film and book content that has come out of the country.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which has achieved unprecedented levels of success worldwide as a direct result of the success of the movies, was filmed on location at the Hobbiton movie set.

The six films adapted so far from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings book series are in total. We are all familiar that The Lord of the Rings trilogy was effectively a nine-hour-long advertisement for the breathtaking scenery that New Zealand has to offer throughout the course of three movies.

Even though the movie set site is only 12 acres in size, it is bordered by some of the most naturally gorgeous vistas you are likely to encounter anywhere. This mythological spot first opened its doors to the public in the year 2002, and ever since then, it has been one of the most popular tourist destinations across the two islands, attracting approximately 300,000 people every year. As well The best time to visit the Hobbiton Movie Set is in the summer (December to February). 

Most filming sites are real places, and many of the vast landscapes have been left as they were when filming began. However, specific settings were fabricated and now represent an artifact of the country’s cinematic past. Such a place is Hobbiton, the home of Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins.

As a direct result of the popularity of the Lord of the Rings film universe, New Zealand is home to one of the most acclaimed visual effects firms in the entire world. This is one of the natural wonders of the world. Because of that, we added Hobbiton to our “Top 10 Beautiful Places in New Zealand” list.

Most tours to Hobbiton depart from Auckland due to its proximity; many also include visits to the Waitomo caves, which are home to some truly incredible luminescent glowworms.

01Things to see more than the Movie Location in Hobbiton

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The town of Hobbiton was constructed specifically for use in the Lord of the Rings films, but its beauty stands on its own. You can’t help but feel like you’ve entered a picture-perfect rural community. The picturesque town may seem and feel familiar even if you haven’t watched the films.

Hobbiton is entirely the product of one man’s creative mind. It’s amazing to think that the gorgeous landscape you’re looking at was inspired by a piece of literature published a century ago.

02Green Dragon Inn & Beer Festival

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Fans of The Lord of the Rings know that Hobbits will have a party whenever they can find the time and will drink whenever they can find the excuse. For this reason, a trip to the Hobbiton movie set isn’t complete without a stop at the Green Dragon Inn, which is included in the entire Hobbiton movie set tour.

Everyone who visits Hobbiton should stop by the Green Dragon Inn, the town’s most famous watering hole. Hobbiton is the only site on Earth where you can get a genuine taste of The Lord of the Rings, and as such, it is also the only place where you can sample some of the finest hobbit ale, which is made by hand and sold only in Hobbiton.

Hobbiton offers a variety of events throughout the year, some of which may coincide with your visit. At the end of October, the Hobbiton Beer Festival rolls into town, bringing an evening of Southfarthing specialties on tap. Hobbiton hosts a beer festival for two days each year. See the Hobbiton website for the festival’s schedule and ticket fees if you’re interested in participating. Or, save money by buying your tickets in advance.

03Study Incredible History of Hobbiton, New Zealand

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Hobbiton is unique and cannot be compared to any other town in the world. Only in New Zealand can you visit and feel like you’re a part of Lord of the Rings. Peter Jackson, the film’s director and producer, decided on Alexander Farm as the setting for Hobbiton because it was remote and undisturbed by modern development (lack of power lines, untouched roads, or evidence of any human activity).

In 1999, work began on the town, and it took the workers a total of nine months to complete the project. Even the New Zealand military had to be called in to help finish construction. The Red Dragon Inn and the guided tours of the 12-acre park add to the tremendous immersion provided by Hobbiton, which features 44 hobbit holes.

The entire process of developing the project has to be kept under wraps. This was made possible partly by the village’s secluded location, but stringent security measures were still enforced to ensure that no information about Hobbiton leaked to the rest of the world.

04Take Memorable & Culture Things, Photos  & Visit the Hobbiton Gift Shop 

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Even New Zealand’s national airline, Air New Zealand, has gotten in on the action with its own version of the film franchise. The safety video shown by the airline is based on Lord of the Rings and features Gandalf, an eagle in flight, and several other characters from the series. We don’t know what else could pique your interest in a trip to Hobbiton, but nothing will if that doesn’t do it.

If you don’t visit Hobbiton, you won’t get the full picture of New Zealand’s cultural evolution and how the country entered the 21st century.

To commemorate your trip to the Hobbiton Movie Set, the Shire Store sells a wide variety of unique merchandise. The Shire Store, located just to the right of The Shire’s Rest Cafe, sells a wide variety of unique merchandise, including the Hobbit Southfarthing beverage line, Location Guidebooks, Weta Collectibles, Tolkien novels, special branded clothes, and more. Summer hours at the Shire Store extend the regular 9-5 days.

05More Things to do near Hobbiton

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The Kaimai-Mamaku Forest Park can be found to the east. Hobbiton and Matamata are located in the Waikato region of New Zealand, well-known for their underground mysteries and tourism focused on the natural environment.

Raglan is a town that can be found on the eastern coast of the island. The town is well known not just for its beaches with black sand but also for its spectacular coastline and the fact that it has become a center for surfing in recent years.

Nearer to Hobbiton, you’ll find the Te-Waihou boardwalk that leads up the Waihou River to the breathtaking Blue Spring. The almost total transparency of the water causes its blue color to generate a surreal, ethereal quality. It’s just like any other fantastic, otherworldly place in Waikato.

The Waitomo Caves in northern Waikato are will be the next stop on your Hobbiton tour. The caverns of New Zealand are lit by the luminous thread of the native glow-worm, and no matter which one you choose to explore, you’ll be treated to breathtaking stalactites. While technically none of the Lord of the Rings movies were shot in the area, one never knows what treasures lie in wait after the sun goes down.

The Map of Hobbiton

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Best Hobbiton tour from Auckland

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Auckland is located on the North Island of New Zealand. When you plan your Hobbiton journey, you can start your trip from Auckland. We suggest you plan other most beautiful places in the North Island during your Hobbiton tour. This trip will be enjoyable for you. You will come across a large number of sightseeing spots on this journey.

As a New Zealand fan, I can assure you that you can cover the whole North Island if you plan your travel spots correctly before your trip. Google Travel will support you in finding your dream places in New Zealand with locations.

Best Things to do in Matamata

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You’ve come to see the Hobbits, right? In all honesty, Matamata is now practically a must-see on any tour of the North Island. Hobbiton’s closest town, Matamata, is located on the North Island of New Zealand, about two hours drive south of Auckland. You can find a lot of things to travel from Matamata to Hobbiton. 

The New Zealand town of Matamata in the Waikato region is conveniently located near numerous fantastic hikes, historic landmarks, delicious delicacies, and more besides its famed Lord of the Rings film set. Hike to the top of the North Island’s tallest waterfall, explore scenic vantage points, sample local cheeses, explore museums and gardens, and more!

  • Wairere Falls
  • Matamata Heritage Trail
  • Opal Hot Springs
  • Firth Tower Reserve and Museum
  • Wallace Gallery
  • Fly in a Glider Plane
  • Rapurapu Kauri Track
  • Te Panui Scenic Reserve
  • Hauraki Rail Trail 
  • Matamata i-SITE

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