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Riverston and knuckles mountain ranges are immortal drinks to mind and one of the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. There are many travel destinations, so you have to spend one or a few days in Riverston. On this trip, one of the most important things is your accommodation. In that case, we recommend a few top hotels in Riverston for your comfortable journey.

We are providing a complete tour guide to Riverston and knuckles mountain with the best-recommended hotels, “best things to do traveling Riverston,” “Manigala Hike,” and “Duwili ella hike.” So do not forget to contact Riverston travel Coordinator to book your hotels, guides, and more information free of charge.

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Hotels in Riverston

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Sir John’s Bungalow

Sir John’s Bungalow Attractions in this area are renowned for their stunning mountains, pure waterways, beautiful cloud forests, and an abundance of different plant and animal life.

This Bungalow was constructed by the British as a place for the Superintendent. Sri Lanka’s third Prime Minister, Sir John Kotalawala, used to vacation in the Bungalow. Due to the area’s status as a designated conservation zone, tea production was discontinued 30 years ago, allowing the jungle to restore its richness. This is a nice place to stay and relax your mind. This lodge takes a wide variety of reservations, so be sure you get your confirmation before you show up.

Sir John’s Bungalow Location

This is located in the old 1,300-acre Laggala tea estate. Anyone can make the 29-kilometer trip from Matale, the 50-kilometer trip from Wasgamuwa, and the 80-kilometer trip from Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya.

Sir John’s Bungalow Facilities

Sir John’s Bungalow is tastefully furnished with modern conveniences while maintaining its ancient charms and comforts, including blazing fires in the dining and living rooms. There are king-sized beds, teak floors, and bathrooms with hot water showers in every room at the hotel.

As well this offering you may take a leisurely stroll or play with your kids in the expansive 5-acre garden, which has been lovingly maintained. Sir John suites have flat-screen TVs with satellite channels and DVD players installed. It’s possible to read books on ancient Ceylon from the well-stocked library or choose from a large variety of board games.

To paint the Bungalow’s unique vistas, guests can request equipment, a canvas, and an oil paint set for a small fee. For those who prefer to dine outside the main dining room, we have many options: the veranda or garden next to the stream, a smaller private dining room, or the main dining room’s fourteen-seat dining table.


At Sir John’s Bungalow, the focus of our dishes is always local cuisine. As well, they are always dedicated to both Sri Lankan and Western food. Every day, Chef uses ingredients from our garden and the nearby Rattota town market to create his delectable dishes.


For Reserve your Booking & Offers: 070 400 1 404

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Alki Bungalow

Alki Bungalow is located on the northern side of the Knuckles mountain range, which is considered to be one of Sri Lanka’s most scenic areas. It is conveniently placed at Riverstone on the gorgeous Matale – Pallegama route. You will drive down the Ilukkumbura – Pittawala road to the lovely valley and village of Rathninda, which is nestled at the base of the elephant-shaped rock “Manigala.”

Alki Bungalow is the only bungalow in the area to have sixteen (16) acres of landscaping and an unpolluted private waterfall & stream adjacent to Riverstone, which adds to the allure of this extremely important unique location. The unpolluted waterfall and stream “Rathninda waterfall” borders the entire western edge of the property and is 145 feet tall. There are natural rock pools and a river bathing inside the property and enjoying recreation, which adds relaxation to your holiday. This hotel accepts many different types of reservations, so make sure you have a confirmation before you visit.

A unique viewing point and balcony provide guests with 360-degree views of the Knuckles mountain range and around it paddy and other agricultural fields, as well as uninterrupted views of Sri Lanka’s northeast plains, a view of the western face of “Manigal” and, on a clear morning, can even see the “Pitawala Pathana” and majestic “Pindurangala” in the north-west.

How to Arrive

Alki Bungalow Facilities

The entire bungalow can be accommodated 12 packs maximum.
The bungalow consists of a rooftop, spacious hall, dining room, 5 rooms, 2 Triple/Family rooms, 2 Double rooms, and 1 Double room with separate bathrooms with hot water with modern conveniences like flat-screen televisions (Dialog TV).


For Reserve your Booking & Offer- 070 400 1 404

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